Friday, October 30, 2009

My plans and an ass-kicking peanut (Tom Lehrer mention, too)

 This week's Delightful Deviant is kickass-peanut because she kicks ass. She picked her name well.

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Plans. Ah. They're fun to make even though they often break. As of this week, my plans are as follows:

1. Knit and crochet like crazy. Some of the items include a scarf (will post about this one soon), a hat, a yoga mat bag, and plushies.
2. Make lamingtons. Scott and I really want to make some, so we're planning to in the near future. Will tell about it if we do it. We just wish Natalie would make them.
3. Pass U.S. History with a B. I've given up on optimistically thinking I can pull off an A in that class. I just don't like it enough to work for it. I'll keep trying, but I won't mourn over a B if that's what I end up with.
I can't believe I just said that. I never ever aim for a B.
T_T Moving on. . .
4. In the future, get a degree in either neuroscience or psychology (scratched out psychiatry and put neuroscience in its place). I have decided I'll just have to be a doctor in something that doesn't require so much contact with people. I won't be stubborn just because I'm sick of being told that I'm not socially eloquent enough to pull it off. I can prove that I'm not completely inept in social situations in some other way(s).
5. Learn how to play the guitar, viola, and cello. Also, improve my piano-playing skills.
6. Successfully teach my study buddy how to understand algebra. I just can't let him fail. I can't watch someone try so hard and still not get it. There must be a way to help. I'm hoping to find it.
7. Prove to Scott that "bazinga" pwns "bazing" as a word to express pwnage. I have a feeling that I'm going to end up the one who is pwned, but I'd still like to try.
8. Read my giant stack of books. I'll dedicate a post to this one. Yes, it's that long. And yes, I do have enough info to make an interesting post about it. At least, I hope so.
9. Watch all of the anime, movies, and tv shows, read all of the books and manga, and own all of the forementioned items on my lists. Yes, that is supposed to be plural. I love my lists and other methods of organization. :D
10. Make several items from shows (mostly anime) I like. Howl's coat being near the top of my list in original and alternate colors.
11. Relocate the subbed version of Howl's Moving Castle that I lost. T_T (I don't know how it got deleted, but I want it back. >.<)
12. Figure out how to make a ROM work. It'd be even better if I could get my old system back, but I need something until I can get a new one. I miss playing Sonic, Pokemon, Crazy Taxi and.  . . *sniff* Pen-pen. I can't even continue this list. It's too sad. Oh, dear, I need a life.
13. Fight world suck with united awesomeness. I want to do my part to join the other nerdfighters in this cause. If you don't agree, please just pet a kitten and try not to agree with getting rid of world suck.
14. Learn how to write and speak several foreign languages. French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Loxian are just a few. This is one area in which I need optimism.
15. Stop bugging people with the things I've learned. I'm pretty sure that's gone from somewhat cute and interesting to oh-em-gee-this-girl-won't-shut-up-and-she's-such-an-uncool-dork. I don't think I'm all the way there yet, but if I mention math outside of class again, I'm going to get slapped. :P

I'm ending here because I think you get the point (though I could go on and on because I like planning and organizing those plans). I'm pretty ambitious. I need more lifetimes. :P

Done blathering on and on about lists and the junk in my head. It's time for other stuff on the internet.

I can't find Tom Lehrer singing this, but this is my favorite lipsync.

That tune came from this song. It gets stuck in my head. :P

Until the next post, and as always, take care. 8)

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  1. This list is awesome. I know that you're gunna be able to do all that stuffs. It may take you a few thousand years, but you'll be able to pull it off. :p