Sunday, November 22, 2009

I want to make. . .

Instead of a Delightful Deviant, I'm going to share some things I admire/want to make.

Approximately this. I can't find a picture from the movie, but I want to make Howl's coat and a black and white version.

Wizard Howl by *rainstormangel on deviantART

Stroll through the sky by *B1nd1 on deviantART

I love Urahara Kisuke's hat.

Bleach: Urahara by ~JJ-ANIME on deviantART

Urahara by ~Pablo-Oz on deviantART

Byakuya looks cool.

Byakuya Kuchiki by ~Petlefeu on deviantART

I love Neliel's hair.

Neliel Tu Oderschvank by ~meili-melee on deviantART

Origami Dress by ~Fraeggle on deviantART

Howl Moving Castle ::01 by *Cvy on deviantART

Studio Ghibli Shoes by ~Bee-Delicious on deviantART

I don't know where I found the rest of these.


That's all for now. I have homework to do, things to clean, and people to attempt to help. T_T
Until the next post, and as always, take care. 8)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Memory: the awkward and the pleasantly ddd

After Shelbi sent me a funny video about awkward moments, a bunch of memories came back like the 80s have fashion: a ridiculous flood. I don't have an amazing memory that stuns people; I have an awkward, good memory that gets me into troubling situations. Andrea can name all the times she hasn't believed me because I remembered something trivial from AGES ago and how we've fought over who was really dreaming (for the record, she dreamt, I spoke of reality). Unfortunately, the extent of the trouble has no bounds.
At school, I have to suppress my memory so people don't think I'm a stalker. Feel free to laugh if that image seems odd. Sometimes I can't help but remember weird details that no one should remember. Also, it bugs classmates because no one likes someone who knows the answer to a question unless it's going to win them something (or they want to cheat--the biggest reason I remind myself that I don't know anything). Even then, the geek is often not accepted for their knowledge. Friends have threatened to break my wrist over remembering things I just can't help remembering. Hence, I try to avoid groups and shut up my brain when it thinks it knows something it doesn't. They don't want me to tell them about whatever article I just read, and I don't want anyone to think I'm a know-it-all. I'm really not. I don't know much of anything. I just love learning.
It's not all bad, I should probably add. Because I don't throw it all out there with a big personality, I'd like to think I have quality friendships and I know how to organize a project that helps everyone feel good about working together. My memory allows me to recall stories that some people think are entertaining. When I was leaving EAS, a friend told me that they'd miss hearing my funny home stories. Another friend recently told me that they appreciate my intelligence (and creativity and mellow, cute disposition). I'm glad because there's no point in me enjoying information if no one wants to hear it. Hold it in is useless. It's like that silly Veggietales story about the man who had all of the bananas and the man who had all of the strawberries. I can learn all I want, but it's nothing until I pass it on.
Even as I say that, more awkward situations than pleasant ones pop into my head. Like I somehow remembered the name of the guy sitting next to me in a class from roll call before we were introduced, so I kind of new his name before the appropriate time. :S Or how I can't recall most of one campmeeting. I honestly don't recall much of the year before the last one (or maybe it was the year before that? It's too late for thinking) and it gets awkward when I'm with those friends and I just don't remember. What's weirder than the things I remember is what I don't remember.
It's works out. What's the point in living if we don't live forward? A little bad reminds us that there's plenty to come and we'll just have to experience it to satisfy our hungry curiosity.The future will always pwn the past.
I've rambled enough. I'll share another of my favorite deviants and some links after I sleep off Andrea's delicious cookies.
Until the next post, and as always, take care! 8)
 p.s. I forgot to add that my right leg is definitely longer than my left. That explains my lack of balance. I'm too tired to fit this in properly. I'm sure with sleep I could come up with something mildly cohesive.

Friday, November 13, 2009

History exam: done as of Thursday 2:30 pm

This week there are two Delightful Deviants: B1nd1 and tenchmaker. B1nd1 because her characters are excellent. They're full of emotion, creativity, and awesomeness.

Autumn Dance by *B1nd1 on deviantART

Rainy Porch by *B1nd1 on deviantART

Tropical Birds by *B1nd1 on deviantART

trenchmaker because her art is adorable. ^_^

Bubblephant by *trenchmaker on deviantART

Lost Delivery :Pong: by *trenchmaker on deviantART

Bubbles by *trenchmaker on deviantART

You don't want to know what I've been doing lately except maybe about the movies I've seen: Monsters vs. Aliens, Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Crash, and 2012. All good. Monsters vs. Aliens is my favorite from that group. I heart B.O.B. Anyway, sharing/dumping time.

I'm making braciole on Sunday. This will be very interesting.

One of the few parts I really liked from this movie.

That's all for now. I think I'm going to pick up the guitar and attempt to use the pick again. Until the next post, and as always, take care. 8)

Monday, November 2, 2009


I shall start by saying there is no way I'm attempting this. I think I've demonstrated my ability to fail enough times. Moving on. . .
Right. I promised a couple posts. Well, there is no picture because I just finished and banished it to the room. What am I speaking of? A scarf. A manly blue scarf. That's it.
There really isn't anything wrong with it. It just symbolizes the demise of a friendship. You see, I take arrogance and rudeness about as well as a 2-year-old takes brussel sprouts (unless you're Andrea in whose case* it's onions).
It started with the "just-right" friend. Unfortunately, I'm a naive sucker for things that are better than they seem when my brain decides it's time to watch me squirm. (Still training the brain to be kind to the body that resists the urge to bash the brain into every brick wall.)
The breakdown of the friendship took a while. At first, the friendship seemed peachy and upright (new goal: make a James and the Giant Peach reference every week. Kidding.). As I became acquainted with the true magnitude of the arrogance, the ship molded. Well, that's only from my point of view. Being a friendship between 2 people, there is another half to the story. I do not know it being one half (end of weirdly used analogy, I promise), but I've witnessed it and discussed it enough to guess a good deal of it.
Arrogance breeds a certain kind of ignorance that is almost laughable. No normal person would tell me "you may know all the big words, but I act it out" when speaking of (social) psychology. You need only know one thing to know what's wrong with that sentence. Psychology is the study of the mind. Ergo, people with brains act those things out. I don't mean to call the friend stupid, but really? *head-on-brick-wall*
I wouldn't mind it so much except I can't even say "hi" without being insulted "jokingly" or talked to like a child. I cannot be considered a child just because I have neither a driver's license nor a job. Sure, my social skills are not exactly graceful, but I'm not completely lost. Obviously, I can and do socialize with people frequently. These are only a couple of the things I've had to put up with.
Back to the scarf, I was asked to make it. I'm the kind of person who generally knits things for people because I like to. Friends and family are likely to get something at some point in time. I was a little annoyed when I was not only asked if I was going to be making the friend something, but asked again if I would make something specific. No biggie. I took a mental note. Just a couple weeks later, I was asked if and when I'd be done.
I didn't even have the yarn. Months and repeated assurances that i would do it later and I'm done. The manly blue scarf is wide, medium-length, and not necessarily soft. Manly blue yarn is hard to come by in Placer County let alone soft manly blue yarn. The scarf is perfectly fine, but I did not enjoy making it. I felt terrible about the yarn and how I really didn't want to make it for a friend. Knitting is a hobby for me. I make friends because I like them. This situation is not an example of either. I'd like to burn my scarf and the ship, but I won't. In the past year, I've rid myself of a friend and plowed my nerves through a nonfriend. I think I can figure out how to handle one arrogant person and give them a scarf with a smile.
We'll see. . .
I'll share 1 thing before I sign off. I have super fun schoolwork to do. :D

I love Neliel. I'm finally at the place in the manga where Nel Tu comes in, so I've been cracking up. I like her better in the anime because of that voice and little parts that are added in, but the manga is still awesome. Gotta love a still shot of Nel Tu flying Supa Speed at Ichigo. ^_^

Until the next post, and as always, take care. 8)

*I've never used this term before. Something about it feels underused. That probably means wrong, but you know what I mean, right? >.<