Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm a crafter

After thinking for the past day, I finally picked a topic. I hope you all enjoy it. :)

One of my favorite hobbies is knitting. I learned how to knit in 8th grade for an art project. I made a rainbow scarf about 3 feet long. I continued knitting simple scarves for a few months, stopped for a year, then started again. I restarted because I needed something productive to do with my hands. Typing on a computer wasn't satisfactory enough, so I made myself a new scarf. I'm still knitting, but my projects have become a bit more advanced. Now, my main knitting goal is to show how cool it really is through nontraditional projects. Some previous projects include a roadkill giraffe, a socktopus and a piece of pie. I like to make normal things like scarves, but I prefer the freedom in making quirky things. If you can imagine it, I'm willing to try to make it.

This is my sister, who kindly models things for me.

Knitting is not the only form of crafting that I know how to do. I can crochet and sew, too. My grandma tried to teach me both when I was little, but I pleaded "incapable". Last year, I used the internet to relearn both crafts. My grandma is glad I've learned even though I didn't learn from her.

I made and am wearing the skirt in this picture taken by my friend Shelbi

Even though I know other crafts, I knit the most because it's portable and my attention is not directed to counting. Just try to talk to someone who is crocheting. Many will say "Shh. I'm counting". I am one of them. While I knit, I can watch movies and stay active in a conversation, if I choose to. Because I can knit and socialize at the same time, I have found a friend who crafts, too. When we're not sharing goofy links, we're sharing pictures of our projects. I've made her some things and she made me this hat ^_^

Taken of me by Shelbi. Cute hat, huh?

My favorite part of knitting is the fact that I'm making something someone will enjoy if I don't. Even the flops get a few laughs. My biggest flop was supposed to be Bob . He came out more like a bacterium.

See? Knitting, especially, is no longer just a grandma's hobby. It's for anyone who wants to use their time to make things and has a bit of patience. I hope you see crafting in a more positive light.

If you want to see more, I recommend to start. Every craft imaginable is there and you don't have to do anything to enjoy what others have done.

Hoping I'll use my time more efficiently next week,