Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nature day and a thought about Christmas :S

Yesterday my family went out to the Waffle Barn, a yummy restaurant, and explored nature. My aunt and I did not come home with a Quaking Aspen, but we will have one in the backyard someday. Anyway, here are some unedited pictures. Enjoy. :)

As much fun as I had, I wish I had tried to sneak into the Junior/Senior retreat. Instead, my family failed to find Bigfoot, decided against going into the green hot spring (well called), and almost got lost had an adventure exploring the forest. The only wildlife we saw was a bright orange and black beetle. No deer, squirrels, chipmunks, mountain lions, bears, birds-- rien, nada, nothing-- in the middle-of-nowhere forest. -_-

Oh, I haven't mentioned anything about my knitting lately. I took a bunch of stuff up to Eleven B a week or 2 ago, made a couple cute hats for myself, and finished a scarf. I'm now working on a laptop case for Scott. I think the next items on the list are a scarf for Isaac (who is leaving for Texas in a little over a month), a scarf for a classmate's fiancee, a yoga mat case, and whatever I feel like making for Eleven b. I'll get the list straightened out soon. Christmas is in exactly 2 months, after all. :S (Christmas is one of those holidays that cause the thank-you card Nazis in my family tree to fall from above and deliver their messages of "YOU FAILED!". Naturally, I'm contemplating how I approach the holiday well in advance. Nazis like octopi, right?)

Until the next post, and as always, take care. 8)

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