Friday, October 16, 2009

Excuse for Failure

Apparently I fail absolutely when I fail. There is no fuzzy gray line. In this case, I'm speaking of my "new plan" (currently scheming a new new plan because I don't want to fail). With my failure, I have a valid excuse to explain. I'll just start with Monday. . .

10:40 AM- Strange feeling during yoga. Nostrils not cooperating with breathing that requires the plugging of one nostril at a time. Big breath through mouth and shrug.

3:30 PM- Starting to feel sick because I'm in the doctor's office. I have a single task on my mind: explain that I want acne medication. Nada mas. Also, I nearly have a panic attack at the mere mention of a shot. To my relief, I was only signed up for a mist and that is postponed.

Sometime in the evening- Someone says something on Myspace that turns me into an angry, thesaurus-wielding firecracker. I resist the urge to introduce four-letter words into my vocabulary in spite of Scott's assurance that they will work and the person does deserve them. I fail to get my point across and the ignorance and arrogance continue. I *might* dedicate a post to the issue.

I hate Monday grumble session, anyone? -_-

Way-too-early-AM- Dear Lord, what is this feeling in my head? There is stuff blocking my ability to breathe. I am going to DIE. Ugh. *goes back to sleep probably because I lost consciousness due to a lack of oxygen*
6:20 AM- First pill for acne medication taken. Throat and nose malfunction simultaneously. Someone please tell me that the storm I hear caused the school to close for the next week so I can go back to sleep and not entertain the thought of suicide.
7:00 AMish- Nausea decides to join the weird cold symptoms. Aunt Tracy notices and orders me to take some medicine that will help counteract the effects of the other one and with my cold. I thank her, but I really want to thank her later when I don't feel anything. Numbness is an amazing feeling.
Lesson learned: I lack the ability to take the acne medicine on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast.
8:30 AM- Amazing feeling! After cola syrup and Advil: Cold&Sinus, I can conquer the world! Plus, it's all stormy. YAY!!!
12:45 PM- Medication starts wearing off. Head threatens to abandon ship. U.S. History canceled. Woot. Library filled with people setting up an art exhibit. Too. Much. Noise. Relocation to lounge. I stare out the window with a couple other people in awe of the terrifyingly powerful yet beautiful storm. Ah. *sniff*
10:20 PM- Astronomy killed my head. A dose of Nyquil and I am out like a candle in the ocean.

I hate Tuesday grumble session, anyone? >.<

6:20 AM- Head not exploding upon consciousness. Improvement.
11:50 AM- Yoga: survived. Somehow. Cold seems to have improved significantly. Advil and Nyquil, I love you. *glomp*
11:51 AM- Panic sets in. U.S. History exam TOMORROW. :S Tuesday morning was less painful than this realization.

Males, I know why you have a nothing box. I envy your ability to use one. Upon realization of my inability to have one, I figure it out and feel an amazing feeling for about 2 seconds. My reality box is bigger than my nothing box. T_T

2:25 PM- Exam: survived. It's Thursday? Oh. Meeting soon. Brain= relived and fried.
4:10 PM- Counseling appointment leaves me feeling less confused. I am filled with a desire to be Dr. Alyssa N. James (psychiatrist). The family does not hear the end of it starting when Scott picks me up. Also, I read in The Theory of Everything by Stephen Hawking that Murphy's law is proven by science: Disorder increases with time. Ergo, things get worse. This amuses me so much that I also have to tell everyone in the family about this. Most of them probably started tuning me out almost 18 years ago anyway. :P

What was I doing the rest of the night? Oh, yeah. Trying to find my life while doing homework with a broken brain. When 11:30 PM comes around, I look around with shifty eyes because last time I checked it was 7:00 PM. Life and homework must wait until morning. Title of Dr. James, I might achieve you in the future.

Today, Friday
Um. I made little progress on something I was supposed to be working because I was watching Jyu Oh Sei (also on hulu); I recommend it to anyone who likes anime. I actually needed that. My mind is everywhere right now. I'll be ready to return to tackling the list of things I need to do  tomorrow night.

If you don't understand my excuse, I'll sum it up in a few words: Sick, stressed, and scatterbrained. My new-found nothing box was crushed too quickly by my reality box, so I have nothing particles messing up my system. I think the weekend will get me back to normal (whavever that is).

Anyway, I have some internet finds to share.

I missed TBBT this week. :( Still, XD.
If you haven't seen the utilikilt, you're missing out.
I still want to learn the dance in this song. I'm hopeless. . .

That's all for now. Until the next post, and as always, take care. 8)

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  1. Only you could make a terrible week sound this helarious. My favorite part: "thesaurus-wielding firecracker." Hahah. XD