Saturday, July 16, 2011

A load off my heart

I'm surrounded by books, yarn, bags, loose paper, and pens: stuff. On my laptop, I have a copious amount of downloaded content. Starting last night I've been clearing a bunch of it out. Deleted, not put onto my external hard drive.
You have to understand that I had 4015 unplayed episodes of podcasts, and 3600+ songs. Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. I could easily explain how I acquired all of it, but I really can't call it all mine. Not the podcasts anyway. I love music, so I had listened to all of those songs at least once. My dad passed on a lot of classical music to me and I found out that there are these people on newgrounds that make amazing music. I got rid of the stuff I never listen to and I feel better. It was part of me once, but I'll go find it when I feel the need to. Not having it in sight is enough. (Note: Do not let me go to the garage)
As for the podcasts, I still can't consider some of them really mine. I downloaded them, but that's it. I had no attachment to them. How can one listen to 4000 episodes of anything when about 20 new episodes are being added every week? I know I can't yet, so I got rid of the language-learning podcasts that I knew I couldn't get through soon. Really, I only needed to delete 2 podcasts, a French one and Latin one, to get down to about 1240 episodes. Much better. I'm still going through everything, but it feels better to be down 16 gb of "junk" at least.
It's the same with books. I don't feel like I own a book until I've really absorbed it properly. It's dead until I've made it part of my life. Stuff belongs to its maker, but the makers don't make memories. Their letting go allows memories to be made.
This all is just to say that I've been cleaning. I frequently clean, but I also frequently allow things to get a bit messy. I feel better now that I've let go of some stuff.
Now I'm off to actually enjoy the rest of a lecture. I love
Until the next post, and as always, take care. :)

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