Friday, January 29, 2010

Yet another post about my deep connection to music

This week's Delightful Deviant is bw-inc. Her works are so pretty and worthy of her popularity.

Commission: Ursula by *bw-inc on deviantART

First for 2009 by *bw-inc on deviantART

The Snow Catcher by *bw-inc on deviantART

Since about 3:00pm, I've been watching meekakitty's 24-hour blogtv show. There have been a few nostalgic song references. One of them was "Lucky" by Britney Spears. Funny story about that song. . . I owned that cd.
Correction: I still own but cannot find that cd.
"Lucky" was the only song that did not work on it, so I didn't hear it until I saw her in concert. I was 8-years-old and I felt deprived. I got mad at my cd for not working.. That's the only exposure I had to that song until a few years later when my cousin, Shelley, introduced me to the concert video. I am quite glad that I lacked exposure because I have heard that song WAY too many times.
That whole thing reminded me of the songs that bring back my childhood yet few other people my age have even heard of. Pop music played a minor role compared to Enya, John Jarvis, David Lanz, George Winston, and many other such artists. I was not deprived of pop culture's catchy tunes; I simply enjoyed my dad's taste and Disney tunes a bit more. On road trips, my dad would flip on some Enya after my sister and I had belted out "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story enough times to fall asleep (Andrea: Points for you if you can name any other song that we demanded to sing to. I know your memory can manage it.). I'd be in a kind of pleasant dream world for a while. Then, I'd beg for more Disney tunes. I was given a cd player very early on for a reason: I couldn't appreciate that music yet.
So when I say that I have a deep connection to music, I mean it just like everyone else but in my own way. My dad's taste was different and it influenced me. My memories of him have "Paul Wants a Pig" and "The Memory of Trees" playing softly in the background. That totally beats being exposed to the Spice Girls and the Pussycat Dolls, and the countless others who I didn't even know existed until I moved here. I have very special memories that don't come with a song on the radio that a few hundred million other people have heard before. My memories feel that much more special and unique to me. It's nice to have something that special to recall when my identity is a bit fuzzy or whenever else I just need/want to feel good.
Ah. . . nostalgia.
Side story: One day while going to Petrolia (?) Beach, my dad picked up a cd and put it in. He turned to me and told me that he had two cds by the same artist, but he was a girl in one and a guy in the other. I was a bit confused. We talked about weird surgeries and I asked him a million questions about how that was possible. That is how I learned about transsexuals. I may have missed sex ed, but I think my dad educated me with music in that department better than anyone else could have. :P
Until the next post, and as always, take care. 8)
p.s. If you can name the transsexual artist that I failed to name, tell me how you know that. If you name some other artist who also happened to be transsexual, I'll be happy to read about that too.

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