Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apparently I made a promise really late last night. . .

This week's Delightful Deviant is PeterPan-Syndrome. She makes crazy, cool stuff. :D

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I make stupid promises late at night. *sigh* So, I never actually had a story to tell which is why I'm only posting now. In spite of whatever date blogger gives this, I am writing on Tuesday the 19th of January. I have no story. I'm such a liar for saying that I'd post. I'm sorry. I'll think of some story-a-thon thing eventually. As for now, I'm pooped. I had a full day of classes. With those classes came all of the joy and pain that is the first day of class. D: It was super exciting because I had friends to look forward to seeing and new classes to see. The new classes were just as frightening as they were exciting. I'm too tired to mention exactly what happened. I have to put my remaining energy into Trig. I'm taking Spanish, Chemistry, and Trigonometry, fyi.
In other news, the knitting book that I've been waiting MONTHS for finally arrived. Unfortunately, I'm working on how to manage my time with this new schedule, so I can't get to it immediately. I will be looking at it longingly until I can though. That's a promise that I will be keeping. There's another stack of books, but I don't know what to do with them. T_T I think I'm going to finish the book that I'm currently reading, do some deep breathing, and attempt to get through a book every month. That's my new goal. Once I finish the one I'm reading, I'll say so and the day after I finish it will start a new 30-day period in which I'll try to read another book. Can I do this? I hope so. New classes make me realize how much I don't know and they point out everything that I can't do, so I pretty much just want to crawl into a hole and read familiar books. I'll get over this feeling once I realize that I have homework to do.
Oh, here it comes. Time to sleep. -_-
Good luck to everyone with their studies! Until the next post, and as always, take care. 8)

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