Saturday, September 5, 2009

I love paper

No Delightful Deviant because I'm sharing my love of paper. You'll see how that works in a second.
Okay, so I ranted to my heart's content last night. I complained. I whined. I overcame the urge to type in all caps and just used more words. Now, I can show some more pleasant things. :)

On Friday I was hanging out in the school library. I decided to take a stroll because I spotted a few shelves filled with dictionaries. Instead of doing the really geeky thing and picking up a really old dictionary, I checked out the opposite bookshelf. Soon enough I came upon the papercraft section (I don't think it has a name, but the whole section had a craft theme). Before you go and think "Oh, no. You're one of those tree killers who enjoys torturing paper products for your own amusement. You sicken me," be patient. I love trees and the amazing things people do with paper. I'll just show you what I mean. I can't show you the 1971 book by Hiroshi Ogawa called "Forms of Paper" that I borrowed, so I'll show you some awesome paper stuff from deviants (mostly) and other cool people. Enjoy. ^_^

Epcot Ball by `synconi on deviantART

My Pet Dragon by ~Richi89 on deviantART

Miniature cranes 2 by ~orudorumagi11 on deviantART

Origami Dress by ~Fraeggle on deviantART


Kusudama by `synconi on deviantART

Swan by `synconi on deviantART

Nine tail fox by ~guspath on deviantART

Check out this flickr collection, too.

Quiet by ~seriouslytwisted on deviantART

Butterfly by *xnattyx on deviantART

Senbazuru - 1000 cranes by ~wastedlimes on deviantART

Paper Bird by *luminatii on deviantART

Tare Panda by ~wossm on deviantART

Straw Stars by ~neoreflection on deviantART

colourful love by ~cosmogurl on deviantART

Paper Sculpture - Tree by *luukie on deviantART

Paper Violin by ~OceansWind on deviantART

Cottage in the Snow by ~cmcefee on deviantART

Organic by ~CosmicWinds on deviantART

paper.cut by ~fu-fu on deviantARTv

concentric circle2 by ~jfatsnorlax on deviantART

DNA or ADN Helix by ~Foligna on deviantART

And there's plenty more. Crazy huh?

I'm done sharing for the moment. Until the next post, and as always, take care. :)

p.s. Okay. I lied. I almost forgot that I have to show Scott's funny, loud hiccups.

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