Monday, August 24, 2009

My Excuse and Hypthetical, Future Child Auk

CSnyder is this week's Delightful Deviant. Why? Because he seems nice and . . . Well, just take a gander.

To the end of the world by =CSnyder on deviantART

Off the dock by =CSnyder on deviantART

Sometimes I think about blogging. Then, I imagine myself doing so. When that's all over, I really don't feel like blogging. If only I could imagine other things away . . .

Seriously, I think about blogging and attempt to do so, but I think too much. In my head most of my rants and vents just go away. Even when I want to rant, I give it up because I don't want to put myself out there as a negative blogger. When awesome things happen, its Internet appearance is hit-or-miss because extreme emotions bring out my short attention span. A new episode of Bleach could lead to the millionth viewing of Howl's Moving Castle which could lead me to listen to my current favorite songs (at any given time, I can talk that topic to death) and on and on . . .

True awesomeness doesn't last that long, but it's long enough to postpone blog entries.

So here I am. Little to say. First day of a new semester. I learned that an auk is not a fish; it's a type of seabird. Grandpa says that it's also a different way of saying "ark" and that I was close because auks eat fish. If I ever get a fish, I'm naming it "Auk". Scratch that. I think it'd be a cool human name. If I never have kids, I'll settle for the fish.

Well, I'm going to continue feeding my brain with musical and animated stimuli. I'll try to return to this blog sometime next week. Until then, and as always, take care. :)

p.s. Andrea, you are very cool for telling Scott about Personas. He told me and I'm quite happily swimming in a cosmic-framed Internet. I'm only slightly annoyed because you didn't tell me first. :P

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