Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm home and it's dA's b-day weekend!

I'm home! Yay! :D I had a great time in Redlands, but I'm happy to be home. If I could only teleport to a few places, Redlands would be one of them. I should probably make up such a list before I go saying something like that, but I mean it. Redlands is cool.

Now that I've expressed my excitement, I'd like to share something I like: deviantART. Specifically, some deviants. There are so many awesome people to choose from that I'm going to start highlighting at least one deviant and at least one of their deviations every blog post. It's dA's 9th birthday weekend, so it's a good time for me to kick this off. Okay, so I actually decided to do this because I'm too happy to be home to really say anything useful and I love dA enough to know that I want to continue this. Anyway, feast your eyes on some deviants (in no particular order).

jyoujo (previously jureba40)
He's one of my favorite deviants because his photography is absolutely wonderful and he's nice.

a frozen sunlight by =jyoujo on deviantART

stand still by =jyoujo on deviantART

She's a super sweetheart on top of being a neat photographer. She offered to feature me and I got back to her kind of late. She featured me anyway. That was super nice of her. :)

follow the leader by *kawaiiKitteh on deviantART

purple heart by *kawaiiKitteh on deviantART

Her cats (and dogs) are sooooooooo cute!

GNAW by *Aoxa-Cats on deviantART

Dexter's Pet II by *Aoxa-Cats on deviantART

When I get the itch to change my desktop wallpaper, I know where to go. He has serious skills.

World Map - Upside Down by ~vladstudio on deviantART

The Road to Aoraki by ~vladstudio on deviantART

Her photography makes me want to go for a walk except that's not so smart during the summer here. :P Anyway, she's cool.

Safe Inside by *Nelleke on deviantART

Last Note by *Nelleke on deviantART

Her deviations don't allow for embedding, but I'd like to tell you how cool her Little Lady and Little Dude are anyway. They make me smile. :) Smiles are cool.

That's all for now. I'll try to do the cool thing and show you pictures, etc. from my Redlands trip next post. Scratch that. I'm going to plan to do it. Anyway, until the next post, and as always, take care! :)

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