Saturday, June 27, 2009

Delayed and Strangely Placed

A big thanks to Shelbi for giving me the Kreativ Blogger Award first (Andrea did second). She deserves a cookie. ^_^
Here are the rules:
1) List 7 things you love
2) Link back to the person who gave you the award
3) Pass it along to 7 other bloggers

7 Things I Love (I could easily list several more, but rules are rules.)

1. Photography
Mentioned previously. One reason I love photography is I get to relive moments like this one:
I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ^_^

2. Baked Goods
My favorites to make are and consume are cookies (peanut butter and chocolate chip), brownies, brownie cookies, and mug cake. *drools* Okay, so there are more, but I'm getting hungry and naming my favorite baked goods is not helping.

3. Music
Who doesn't love at least one song? I've met some people who claim to dislike music, but I've seen them light up like a new star at the sound of a theme song and join in without caring what it is the theme to.

4. Knitting
I've mentioned my general love for crafting before, but I like knitting the most. I love it because there are so many beautiful things to make and I enjoy making them myself and looking at what other people have made. I also love the look on someone's face when they see something I've made, love it, and find out that they can have it. It makes me feel good knowing that what I've created gets to be enjoyed both ways.

I have to mention one knitting-related thing that I love: Lynne Barr's book Knitting New Scarves. I am currently trying to get my jaw back in place because I just found out that she is coming out with a new book called Reversible Knitting (click on Lynne Barr and look for the title on the sidebar). Oh, snap. There goes my jaw again. . .

5. Books
Few books are worse than their movies and movies are pretty awesome. I love books because they provide hours of entertainment (usually quality) and smell good. They take me to another world and tell me things I probably didn't know. I get to learn and enjoy a great story, pattern, or picture. Ah. . . books. :) They are like baked goods to my eyes.

6. Friends and Family (gotta include God, of course)
What would I do without them? Who would let me rant for hours about how I hate the word skein? *cringe* Who would I knit for? Who would eat my cooking even when I fail terribly? Who would I bake cookies for at midnight? Who would keep me from hating people? Who still lets me complain about Costa Rica even though it's almost been a year? Who would tease me to my annoyance and delight? Who else would tell me to stop typing right now if they could?

No one. My friends and family are awesome and completely loveable. They're the best.

7. The Internet
It has pretty much everything I love (or a way to get it). What's not to love about that?

7 Bloggers
(twas tough to choose just 7)

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Until the next post, and as always, take care! :)

p.s. The title refers to the fact that I could have posted much earlier this week or at least waited until the most recent post had been up for 24 hours.

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