Friday, May 29, 2009


I am really liking this hair :)
After skipping a week's post, I definitely have plenty to share. Goodness, where to start? Well, first, my summer plans seem to be solid. I'm definitely going to Redlands for 6 weeks of a couple dance classes. Just waiting to know which ones I can choose from because Tit changes every cycle. When I go is still up in the air because my uncle's good friend isn't in good shape, so we're not entirely sure how everything is going to go around that time (June 21st, I mean). Also, I'm going to another graduation, my oma's memorial (she died from Alzheimer's disease last year), visiting with my cousins from Texas and Bakersfield (I hope), and a whole list of things to do. Some of those things include learning how to play the guitar and reading a healthy stack of books. :D

As for what has already been happening, well . . . I went to one cousin's graduation in Berkeley last Friday. I skipped another cousin's on Saturday because I didn't want to end up like my aunt: sick. That was futile. I ended up getting a more mild version of her cold later (day before yesterday) and I'm getting over it. On Sunday, I went to the family reunion for my grandma's side (The Robinsons), I think. I can never be sure because both the Archbolds and Robinsons are always at each reunion. Only the James ones make any sense, but I can only remember one of those happening anyway. Monday, I saw X-men Origins: Wolverine (with someone). I liked it. and Wednesday, I cleaned, mostly. I also video chatted for the first time. That's fun. Hung out with my boyfriend yesterday. Today, I'm cleaning in preparation for my cousins from Texas coming up next weekend. The cleaning has to start now because that's just how my family works.

I'll go back to the topic style next week. This was more of an update to show that I'm going to continue blogging. I'm just trying to decide what purpose it's going to serve. Maybe just talking about fun topics and sharing stories or things I've found? Maybe just writing practice or sharing things I've already written? I'm not sure yet, but I'm going to make a decision soon. Until then, take care. :)
Bo is a bit silly.

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