Sunday, May 10, 2009

My grandpa says I've been scalped

Parts of the past few days made me smile. Thursday night, I saw the new Star Trek with two of my friends. I loved it and can't wait to own it! I might even see it again except in IMAX this time. It's definitely worth it. Before I saw it, I had seen some of the old Star Trek movies and episodes when I was little, but not enough to recall anything. My aunt had remembered the old movies enough to find one inconsistency, but it didn't seem to lower her opinion at all. Seems like everyone I know who has seen it loves it.

Friday, I got my hair cut. Before then, my hair had always been at least shoulder-length. My friend, Rachel, was happy to change that. She cut it like a pro and I'm super happy with it. I can't imagine how great she'll be after she goes through cosmetology school.
She straightened it, too. Looks and feels good both ways, so I'm happy. :)
Saturday was actually kind of bothersome. I learned a valuable lesson though: NEVER take someone else's acne medication especially if the side effects sound painful. Not one of my smartest decisions. Watching the first old Star Trek, however, was a smart decision. I'm about to poke fun at how bad it was, but I really did like it. It was just cheesy. For example, every single time something surprising happened, the characters would open their eyes as wide as possible like someone said "Okay, so we need really long shots of you guys looking surprised. Pretend you can't blink for a few minutes". Some of them even gaped like parched animals in the desert. At those parts, something funnier was often happening. Half of the movie was spent in super slow motion. Most of the time, those parts were supposed to be in warp speed. The cover did say "Special Longer Version", so maybe that's why the movie had so many slow motion, panoramic shots. Whatever the reason, I'm glad the rest of the movies move more quickly.

Today, Sunday, just makes me smile because it's Mother's Day and my aunt is enjoying it. I hope every mother/mother-figure is having a good Mother's Day, too. :) If not, Miiki feels for you.
Picture taken shortly after my aunt went on a trip. Miiki and my camera didn't take the news well.

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