Saturday, May 16, 2009

Music and a lack of lyrics

I just might keep this blog up. The only reason I can think of not to is that it takes me a bit of time. I'm indecisive and I tend to be a perfectionist. Not the most productive duo. I'm more of a Twitter-person, but blogging is probably better for keeping up the habit of writing things that people will actually read. I've actually started to like blogging. That's something I didn't expect to say. There's just something about sharing what I'm thinking about with the internet in more than just handful of words that's a big strange, but it's a good type of strange.

Anyway, I've been listening to a lot of instrumental music lately. Sometimes, I just don't want to clear out all of the words around me and in my head, but I can't find silence. That's when I go straight for artists like John Jarvis, George Winston, David Lanz, Bond, Suzanne Ciani, Mannheim Steamroller, and a few others. [As I type this, "Changing Colors" by John Jarvis is playing.] Words are very distracting to me. I like just listening to how something sounds rather than what someone is saying. It's more of a feeling and less of a search for meaning. I like lyrics quite a bit [different topic], but I often find myself listening to everything except the words. Some songs do seem to say something without so much as a simple hum like David Lanz's "Beloved". Every time I hear that song, I think I'm listening to a song with lyrics. I appreciate those types of songs the most because it doesn't make sense that words would come so naturally to a lyric-less song. It's like a secret.

Well, good luck on finals everyone!

Edit: I'm going to keep this blog up as long as I can. I'll probably do more linking to other people plus the regular blogging and pictures. Speaking of pictures. . .
This is what my hair looked like a few years ago before I started dyeing it [ignore the strange I'm-fascinated-by-my-hand look].

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