Friday, April 3, 2009

I meant to say . . . nevermind

All the hope without the not-so-pretty action.
When I was little, I wanted to be a ballerina. Unfortunately, I was, and still am, a klutz. I've tried dance lessons. I really enjoyed them and would love to take more, but it's really not something I consider myself good at. I'd show the videos, but they're very embarrassing. I do a lot of flailing. :S Now, I'm older and actually at that wonderful time when I need to figure out what I want to do. I'm considering psychology. I like the medical stuff, but blood and needles terrify me. I'm only considering psychology because I have a little problem: my social and communication skills suck. I'm usually that awkward person in the circle that just stands there. It's not unusual for someone to say something like "You look so awkward just standing there. Do you talk? Wait. What was your name again? Did so-and-so even introduce you?". I try to talk. I really do. It's just that when I open my mouth, the wrong words come out. I can only imagine what would happen if I was a psychologist trying to tell someone that they have depression. I'd probably say something like "Uh. You're too sad. The medical term is depression. Now, surround yourself with happy things, find your happy place, get some drugs and I'll see you next week." I don't know how to fix it. I've tried to not be shy. For a while I thought I was improving. That is why the internet gives a false sense of social skills. Just kidding. I don't spend that much time on communicating on the internet. I am trying to improve those skills though. Even if I don't end up becoming a psychologist, those skills will come in handy if I can improve them. The Public Speaker podcast from Quick and Dirty Tips has been useful. Lisa B. Marshall talks a lot about communication which is applicable to more areas than just public speaking. (On a side note, I listen to many podcasts from the same network. Grammar Girl, the Modern Manners Guy, and the Get-It-Done Guy. Very useful and entertaining. I like to listen to podcasts.) Also, I'm becoming more aware of social manners, so I'm directing more of my attention to the other person rather than the idiotic thing I just said. It's a general good thing to be aware of other people anyway. I'm open to any suggestions.

If you need to laugh and don't mind a bit of language, I recommend communitychannel especially this video. She makes me laugh, at least. Also, my cousin has been filming the family cats because they're very unique. I am refered to as Damage Control in one. If you're into watching pets do strange or uncharacteristic things check his videos out here.

Enjoy spring break!

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