Friday, February 20, 2009

Patience+Pudding Mix=Perfect Cookies

I have been thinking about my next blog post since last week. I have been unable to actually write about anything until I saw a video from Slate V, Slate Magazine's video podcasts. It was called "Patient Actor". It got me thinking about patience in general. I can admit I think I'm more patient than I really am. Last night was an example of one of those times I'm more impatient than patient.

My aunt came home with chocolate chip cookie ingredients and told me I could bake some whenever. We bake cookies at least once a month. Usually, multiple times because one batch doesn't satisfy 8 people for long especially when 4 of those people are guys who know how to eat. I decided to make some cookies while I waited until it was my turn to microwave my dinner (busy day, chicken pot pies for 5/8 of us, about 8 minutes each due to impatience, I was last). I have my own way of making cookies because when I try my aunt's way, it doesn't go well. We interpret the recipe differently. She waits for the butter to soften, so she can properly cream it. I add all of the ingredients in order lump by lump, but I only wait for proper mixing at the end. She happened to be watching me mix and noticed that my way is just impatience. In my defence, I use a spoon to mix. That takes longer than a mixer and requires patience. That's getting on the topic of laziness in cleaning, so I'll get back to the topic. My way works because I do things slowly. By the time I get the flour mixed in, the butter has also mixed in. For the purposes of eating the cookie dough raw, it's perfect. The dough is neither too soft nor too hard. It's just right for my cousin and I to scoop chunks out while telling each other to back off and get a spoon. That's with the part of the cookie dough that doesn't make a perfect dozen, so we don't contaminate the rest of the dough. (Germaphobes only share germs with each other :P) As well as my cookie dough comes out, my aunt's cookies will always come out better than mine. I can accept that. My aunt will always do things better than I. She's more experienced. I guess patience is the ingredient that makes the best cookies. At least that's what I'll tell myself when I get everything out and realize we're out of pudding mix.

Have a great weekend!



  1. I tend to be pretty impatient when it comes to cooking, especially baking. And, due to that fact, things often don't come out quite right. At least you realize your flaw and can live with it. That's better than living in denial :o)

  2. Yes, very much so. My aunt's scolding just might get to me one day :P