Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Heart Plushies

I don't need Valentine's Day to celebrate all things cute, sappy, and loved. I have an obsession with plushies. What on earth is a plushie? Well, allow me to educate you. A plushie is a stuffed toy/animal. “Plushie” isn’t a dictionary word, but I think it’s more fun to say than stuffed toy. If you don’t know what a stuffed toy is, just see Wikipedia
A Google search of "plushie" comes up with the term "plushophile". My friend, Shelbi, and I loosely fall into that category under the non-sexual subcategory. We are filled with joy when we see plushies like the the Mini Love Yetis, HeartTart, and Star Wars Moon Buns.

from deviantartist loveandasandwich

from deviantartist rakelacreations

from deviantartist moonyen

My favorite places to look at plushies are craftster, Threadbanger, deviantART under Artisan Crafts, Craftzine, and flickr. Shelbi and I have collections of links to everything cute and plush. Those internet finds have influenced our creations.


Example courtesy of Shelbi

Why do I like plushies so much? It all started with Snuggle, my bear. I got him when I was really little. A dog dragged him, a garage hid him in its junk, and my backpack found room for him on overnight trips. He was squishable, soft, durable, and adorable.

Snuggle is the white one. Sapphire is another old teddy bear of mine.

He spurred a collection of Beanie Babies and various other stuffed toys. When I learned about the world of crafting (sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc.), I became interested in making plushies. I called my first plushies “darnit dolls” because of a youtube tutorial from Makezine and Bre Pettis. My family enjoyed throwing them around the house and beating them on various hard surfaces.

Five goofy darnit dolls

Now I make and seek inspiration from many different types of plushies. I’m hopelessly obsessed with them. How can I not be proud to make these?

They are for sale at Eleven B in Pollock Pines :)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Also, Happy Early Anniversary to my aunt and uncle!

~Alyssa (a.k.a. nickname3girl due to hastily set settings)


  1. I also love plushies! Granted, I have had to sell many at garage sales over the years because I just run out of space, but in general, I just love getting a cuddly stuffie. I was just at the Sacramento Zoo on Sunday were tey have this new line of pastel-colored baby animals. I wanted the little green tiger so much. However, I had to fight to urge and save my money. Oh well!