Friday, December 4, 2009

Proceed with the lights on. My brain melted.

This week's Delightful Deviant is dina-bv. I first saw those fall colors and deemed her delightful. :)

Under your spell by =Dina-bv on deviantART

Warmth of your heart by =Dina-bv on deviantART

Could not embed this one.

My blog in sum

Knitting makes me happy.
Making things makes me happy.
Learning makes me happy.
"The Lucky One" is sappy.

People make me sad.
People make me mad.
People make me glad.
I'm like my dad.

I aspire.
I desire.
My cookies are on fire.
I have no use for tires.

My friends are cool.
I go to school.
I've not mentioned mules. (Or have I?)
In history, I drool.

Sometimes I post.
Most days I don't.
Today I ate toast;
On Thanksgiving, roast.

Bob the Apple sucks.
Both the person and the story.
No, this part doesn't rhyme,
but Bob shouldn't even be in my summed blog poem. >.<

My cats are cute.
Photos, I shoot.
Tea, I do not chew.
I like the color blue.

Music is awesome.
My family is awesome.
Some things are not awesome.
I don't know what else rhymes with awesome.

Links, I share.
you to challenge me, I dare.
For me, making sense is rare.
U.S. history isn't fair. T_T

Yes, I do have friends. -_-
I love pens. ^_^
Clothing, I mend.
This is the end. :D
Yeah. . . I did just type that off the very top (or bottom, it would seem) of my head. I really had nothing else to say. My brain kind of melted and I thought you'd all get a kick out of it. I'm pretty sure I said most of those things on my blog. If I didn't, it's because the idea was either trashed or put into the part of my brain where Lazy lives.
Ick. That was a bit too weird. for my sanity. I need to go do other things before my brain melts again and I do something else that causes my plushies to laugh at me.
Oh dear, I'm going crazy. T_T Leaving now.

Until the next post, and as always, take care. 8)

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